This Unusual Heavy Horse Candle Holder is the perfect gift for those horse mad friends. Gorgeous in the daytime as a lovely ornament but at night - they come alive and are quite stunning when the lights are low. 


 Each candle holder is decorated by hand. I first add white textured paper to the bowl of a large glass, to give it a unique look (this is what gives the item depth when lit up at night) I then apply - using my own special decoupage technique - the image of the illustrated, watercolour heavy horses to the bow too. It is then sealed to protect it. To finish, I wrap natural jute string from the underneath of the bowl, down the stem and onto the base, I also add a matching bow of natural jute and raffia to give it a rustic look.


This is for one Candle Holder, a battery powered tea light is also supplied. 

It is not recommended that you use a normal candle inside as the heat of the flame may cause the glass to shatter. Do not use as a drinking glass - this item is not food safe.


Do not submerge in water. Wipe clean only if necessary. 

Unusual Heavy Horse Candle Holder

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