Perfect for your farmhouse style home is this Unique Large 2litre Cow Storage Jar. Its a great gift for those who own a farm or love animals in general - it's also a great moving in present too.


 This jar has many uses and with it's tight airtight clip lock lid - it's great for storing your favourite treats! Leave the lid open and use it as a rustic vase or utensil holder.


 Each jar has been painted white (the lid has been left clear), i have then added the watercolour, illustrated docile cows head onto the front - using my own special decoupage technique - ensuring the design gets pushed into all the nooks and crannies. I have then used a heavy duty varnish to cover it all over to protect it from general kitchen living. To give it a rustic look - I have added a couple of strands of natural jute string. 

Unique Large 2Litre Cow Storage Jar

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