If you are looking for a unique gift for your duck loving friend, look no further. This wonderful small duck double glassed framed papercut is exactly what would put a smile on their face. To make it extra special... there is only ever going to be one of these made.This beautiful and delicate papercut has been cut by hand (by me) using a sharp blade. Being hand cut means that a lot more detail can be added and makes it even more unique. This lovely duck with bow tie has been cut using an off-white pearlescent card - it gives off a lovely shimmer in the light and will stand out on those lighter styled walls.The frame is wooden and has glass either side of the image so you can place this on your feature wall without losing the effect. It is hung using the thick sturdy rope which gives it that little bit of a rustic feel.The frame is approx. 18 x 13cm in size.

Small Cute Duck Double Glass Framed Papercut

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