Are you a keen gardener or know someone who is? Or maybe you just love bees in general, then this is certainly what you need! I know in these sad times that we are trying to help save the bee population well you can now do you bit with this fantastic bee hotel.


 This fair trade, handmade, freestanding solitary bee nest is made from naturally fallen dead wood in Indonesia. Varying in size and shape the item has been flattened at the bottom so it will stand upright. There is a section in the wood piece that has had lots of tunnels craeted to enable the female bee to lay, protect and incubate her eggs. There are 3 hand carved ornamental bees that surround the tunneled part of the wood for that extra bit of decoration.


The shape/size/dimension will always vary. Wonderland Works takes no responsibility if bees do not use your nest/hotel. 


  • As these vary so much in weight and size they cost £5.90 to post. To add to your order it will be £9.99 due to the heavieness, you will be refunded the difference if it does not come to this amount.

  • The time it takes to make this item is approx 7-10 workings days. If you need this sooner please pop me a message and I will try and get it made for you sooner.

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