She Believed She Could, So She Did...


I'm Abby the very proud owner of Wonderland Works. I'm just your average gal of 29 really. I have a dog called Monty (he's a Border Collie cross) who I treat like a spoilt child! Together we live with my family in the small town of Bewdley in Worcestershire right near the country lanes and Forest. My likes: countryside, nature, wildlife, crisps, music, white chocolate and sweets. My dislikes: spiders!! Bad manners, Harry Hill, dark chocolate, cold feet and having a December birthday!


After many years of of suffering with mental health and staggering through various bar work - like a drunken person scrambling to get home from a wild night out. I decided enough was enough and it was time to work from home until I could get myself sorted. Turns out I enjoyed the life of being creative and running my own indie business. It has helped me grow as a person and was the best step for me!   


These days I do what I do because I wouldn't be happy in doing anything else! Being my own boss, working from home, working at my own pace and being creative. I get to put together animals and art while recycling which - in my eyes - is nothing but a win, win situation.

I am a natural leader and this "job" has helped me conquer my fears and gain self belief, self confidence and worth and proved that anybody can do anything if they put their mind to it!

What Keeps Me Going.

Well each day is completely different! I learn something new everyday and it's not necessarily business related. I get to experience things that some people never will, that feeling of a total stranger wanting to give you their money for something you have made never gets boring, I still light up inside - even after 5 years!! Meeting like-minded people and being able to chat to visitors, fans and customers will always be a highlight of my day. The fact that I have the ability to bring my ideas to life by being creative is nothing but a dream so be able to do this on a daily basis always get me out of bed and raring for the next task.


I am so passionate about my products that I am surprised the people around me don't get bored of me talking about them! To be able to combine my love of art and illustration with animals and being able to turn them into home wares that other people will cherish - well, how can you not be passionate about each and every item?!

How Do My Products Make Your Lives Better?

Apart from each item being completely unique as each one is made to order by my fair hands I have been told by a few customers in the past what some of my products have done for them. 

Firstly, my ever popular Light Up Bottles - beautiful lit up at night making a great centrepiece or lamp - has been helpful in the sense of those who suffer with anxiety! This really made me happy, after suffering myself I was so happy that I could help someone else with theirs. They told me that they put it on at night so if they wake up feeling extra anxious they see this beautiful innocent, harmless animal face looking at them instead.

Another helpful product is my Flameless Candles - not only are they child and pet safe (if you have a dog likes ours with a tail of its own these are very much appreciated) but they make great night lights for children's bedrooms when they need a light on to sleep.

Future Dreams.

Ok so my personal dream is to have a quaint little cottage in the countryside with lots of lovely farm animals with a huge nature garden! I would live with my hundreds of dogs and be doted on by my loving husband Ollie Murs/Tom Hardy/Tommy Shelby (NO not Cillian Murphy!) Ok so some of that may not happen but I do have a 5 year goal which I think you are all going to like.

I would love to own my own shop, someone else will run it for me while I stay at my studio and keep working and hand making my various products. The people hired to work in my lovely shop of happiness will be those that suffer from mental illnesses - such as anxiety - to help give them a boost and be given the patience and understanding that they need to help them grow as a person. This is something really important to me as if it wasn't for a pub taking a gamble on me, giving me support, patience and understanding I don't think I would be here doing what I am now. The creative biz life is a pretty relaxed one if you want it to be, so it is the perfect environment for someone who needs that extra bit of TLC to get back on the horse and ride off in to the sunset to take back the control of their lives.

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