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Wonderland Works

Bring the magic of the British countryside into your homes

Wonderland Works is based in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside. Offering unique, affordable, handmade, rustic style home decor inspired by nature & wildlife.

About Us

Wonderland Works as a business

Wonderland Works is a small business based in the Worcestershire countryside. We specialise in creating country style home decor and gifts that are inspired by the nature and wildlife that live in and around it.

We ensure to make our items as unique as possible so you know that your purchase is a Wonderland Works creation. Using crafting techniques from our speciality craft - decoupage, hand cut paper art and resin art. Using as many materials as possible that help to reduce as much waste as possible for example: we use wine bottles from local bars and pubs, coffee jars from local offices and our favourite material - game bird feathers. All of these would just be thrown in the bin without a second thought but we give these items a brand new lease of life making them beautiful and affordable.

 Each item we make guarantees to be of high quality and long lasting. We use only the best materials and adhesives which we have trialled and tested through the years making our products and business something you can trust and rely on.

Contact Us

If you have a question for us please feel free to use any of the contact details below. We are always happy to help.

Bewdley, Worcestershire

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