Wonderland Works

Bringing My Wonderland Into Your Homes.

Wonderland Works is based in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside. Offering unique, affordable, handmade, rustic style home decor inspired by nature & wildlife.

About Us

Who We Are, What We Do.

Wonderland Works is a small business that specialises in paper crafts such as papercutting and - our speciality - decoupage. We ensure to make our items as unique as possible so you know that your purchase is a Wonderland Works creation. 

 Recycling old furnishings or home ware and everyday rubbish such as coffee jars and bottles - saves on the overall household waste and turns these throwaway items into something beautiful and affordable for your country style/farmhouse home.

 Each item we make guarantees to be of high quality and long lasting. We use only the best materials and adhesives which we have trialled and tested through the years making our products and business something you can trust and rely on.

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Bewdley, Worcestershire


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